Mounting inspection for rubber seals


During the mounting of automobile fuel tanks, black and red rubber seals with a diameter of 130 mm are used. With the exception of color, the seals are very similar. The installer fits the tank according to the instructions given on a display at his assembly workplace. He must perform the "fit rubber seal" work step in front of a special device. This installation and quality inspection is required by the automobile manufacturers. The testing device detects whether the correct rubber seal was removed from the respective magazine. In doing so, the used sensor must take into account the fact that the boundary conditions in this application are not always the same since this is a manual task.


The CRT 20B color sensor is used in the testing device. Three colors were taught: white, black and red. In addition, the color sensor also monitors the respective switching operation. It tolerates the manual infeed of the rubber seals without problem.

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    Mounting inspection for rubber seals